Saint Basil Cemetery General Rules and Regulations

In order to preserve the dignity, pleasant and peaceful setting of St Basil Cemetery, the following rules and regulations have been established.

  1. The cemetery is open from sunrise to sunset 365 days per year and is closed from dusk to dawn.
  2. All gravesites must have a permanent grave marker installed within 120 days of internment. Temporary markers will be removed after 120 days. To preserve the character of the cemetery, all monuments must be made in the form of a cross or include an engraved image of a cross in true Orthodox Christian style. (Drawings and/or photographs, including exact dimensions, of all proposed monuments must be submitted for approval prior to execution and delivery of the desired monument.)
  3. The permanent gravesite marker is to be at the head of the grave, which is the west side of the grave and will accurately depict the name of the person interned. No secular images allowed.
  4. The grave marker shall be no bigger than three feet wide and four feet high.
  5. In order to properly maintain the grounds, no new trees, bushes, flower pots or other types of permanent decorations are permitted to be installed. However, temporary wreaths and cut flowers for special occasions (ie. Pascha, Christmas, Memorial Day, Memorial Services, etc) are permitted. The Cemetery and St. Basil Church assume no responsibility whatsoever for grave decorations or for their upkeep, and they may be removed at any time.
  6. Burial is for Orthodox Christians, but non-Orthodox Christian family members of an Orthodox Christian may be admitted for burial at the approval of the parish priest.*
  7. Only Orthodox Christian clergy may officiate religious services at the Cemetery.
  8. All plots are non-transferable. Money paid for unused plots will not be refunded.
  9. Plots for Clergy will be located in a designated clergy section.
  10. In cases not included in these regulations, and in extraordinary situations, all questions will be decided by the rector of St Basil Orthodox Church, his designate or the ruling hierarch.
  11. The Cemetery is under the jurisdiction of St Basil Orthodox Church, Diocese of the South, Orthodox Church in America which establishes the prices of plots and resolves all other matters concerning administration.
  12. While it is not mandatory, St. Basil Cemetery strongly encourages the use of a traditional, wood coffin for burial. These can be obtained from Orthodox Coffins (a NC based business with which neither St. Basil Cemetery or St. Basil Church have any formal affiliation).
  13. A concrete burial vault is required. **

Additional Rules and Regulations of St. Basil Cemetery are available from the Church office.


* While the church cemetery is reserved for Orthodox Christians, a separate cemetery will be designated for non-Orthodox Christians and for those in our community who die without a support network, family or financial means.

** While some people do not desire to purchase and use a burial vault (and this is not required by law), there are several factors which make this important in our cemetery. First, without a vault, graves would need to be prepared by hand, and our soil is dense and clay-rich with many roots. Also, without a vault, heavy equipment for preparing the graves would likely damage existing graves.


These regulations must be signed by all purchasers of plots – the form can be downloaded here.