About St. Basil Cemetery

Saint Basil Orthodox Church

Saint Basil Cemetery is a ministry of St. Basil Orthodox Church.  Our community was founded in 2007 with a handful of families and individuals in southeastern North Carolina who desired to start a pan-Orthodox church in Wilmington. After meeting in borrowed space at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, and then moving into a leased industrial building, St. Basil purchased property for our permanent location in 2013.

Our 7.5 acres of land is situated in the rapidly developing “northern corridor”, easily accessible from all directions, and ideally situated to serve the growing community. Our church building is a 4000 square foot facility that will eventually serve as our parish hall when a permanent church building is constructed. While our 3 acre building site serves as a great locus of activity, the remaining 4.5 acres of land are ideally suited for use in new ministries, the first of which will be our cemetery.

The Thought Behind a Parish Cemetery

Most people have grown accustomed to a funeral industry that is divorced from the life of the Church, and while funeral services are often held in Church (though, there is an increasing tendency away from this practice in our country) sterile, commercial cemeteries have become the norm. Out of sight, out of mind is an adage that comes to mind.

When the thought of a cemetery was initial proposed to the members of St. Basil, the idea was enthusiastically embraced. The thought of being able to conclude a funeral service by carrying our friends, family members and loved ones from the church directly to a burial in a parish graveyard (where they would be remembered by the worshipping community for ages to come) is comforting.

An initial area for a founders cemetery was designated, and Saint Basil Cemetery was born.

Our Hope …

We sincerely hope that the land we have designated for burial will become a regional ministry to Orthodox Christians and their family members. There are Orthodox communities in Wilmington (2), Jacksonville (1) and Myrtle Beach (2), all of these within a short drive of our cemetery. Knowing that the burial sites of our loved ones are being tended to with love and prayer throughout the year is a blessing to those who mourn the loss of a loved one. Please reach out to us if you would like to learn more – email: info@saintbasilcemetery.com or 910.805.0981.



St. Basil Orthodox Church